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Leadership Development Program (Software Development) Pisa


We’re looking for talented graduates to join our Leadership Development Program
Our Leadership Development Program (LDP) consists of training, job rotations, and special projects, all supported with continuous feedback and mentoring.
The program lasts 3 years, starting with a 2-month induction program where we’ll introduce you to our company, products, and technologies. After the induction, you’ll progress through 2-3 job rotations in our development teams, working on our products across the full development lifecycle.
You’ll be based in our offices in Pisa, and your rotations may include travel and the chance to work in other countries.

You’ll work with experienced developers and subject matter experts at the forefront of financial technology
After completing our structured training, you’ll have the chance to take ownership of challenging projects that deliver value to our customers.
You’ll learn about our business and gain experience with:
High-performance, latency-critical distributed systems.
Service-oriented architectures.
Multi-language middleware (Java, C++, Python, Scala).
UX design and UI development (HTML5, JavaScript/Node.JS, TypeScript, CSS3, C#).
Data processing and business intelligence.
You’ll work on projects under the direction of a team leader, and you’ll have an expert mentor throughout the course of the program.

You’ll develop the skills and capabilities you need for your career
Our program will give you expert knowledge of the product development lifecycle and financial technology.
You’ll also learn how to:
Design effective solutions to our clients’ business problems.
Manage product development from end to end.
Work within the ION business and technology ecosystem.
You’ll work in multi-functional teams, mastering technologies, methods, and processes to build advanced software systems using distributed architectures.
You’ll become a domain expert who can contribute to the whole product development cycle, and you’ll continuously improve your ability to learn, communicate, and solve problems.
At the end of the program, you’ll be ready to start building a long-term career at ION.

We’re looking for people who are passionate about technology
We want people who:
Enjoy learning new skills and looking for new approaches.
Pay rigorous attention to detail.
Proactively put ideas into action, take the initiative, and deliver results.
Collaborate, contribute, and encourage others.
Communicate well.
Can work in a fast-paced environment.

How to apply
Our next program begins in January 2020.
We'll start the selection process in September 2019.
The deadline for applications is 15 November 2019.
We’ll hold our SuperDay of interviews and assessment tests in our Pisa offices on 26 November 2019.

At ION, we’re a diverse group of visionary innovators
We provide trading and workflow automation software, high-value analytics and insights to corporations, central banks, financial institutions, and governments worldwide. By combining creativity with a passion for technology, we design solutions and services that simplify complex processes, boost efficiency, and empower better decision-making.
Founded in 1999, we’ve achieved tremendous growth by bringing together some of the best and most successful financial technology companies in the world. With decades of industry experience and a track record of delivering mission-critical solutions, our global team is focused on building long-term partnerships with our customers so that we can help transform their business through continuous innovation.